Seidokan Dojo

“Seidokan:” Sei – right/righteous/correct, Do – path/way, Kan – house/place. Seidokan then is the place of the right way. We believe that Danzan Ryu jujitsu is a means by which the student can explore their place in the world, their relationship to those around them, and their perceptions of themselves. The goal is to cultivate a person that will act upon their innate benevolence to better themselves, their friends and family, and the world.
At Seidokan, we strive to create an environment that promotes the Hawaiian ideas of “ohana” (family and inclusion) and “kokua” (selfless service). At Seidokan, you will find sharing without ego and learning without fear.
In the spirit of “ohana,” Seidokan was established at the residence of the head instructors and occupies a 960-sq. ft. converted garage. The dojo is located in the Tahoe Park area of Sacramento, near the intersection of Stockton Blvd. and 14th Ave. If you wish to visit the dojo to watch a class, please contact us ahead of time.